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April 23, 2020

Having known each other professionally and socially for the past 10+ years, Kim and John have joined forces bringing years of experience and training providing a platform for growth and personal development, along with a little humor. 

Anyone who meets John knows he has a huge heart and always speaks from it.  It is what makes John who he is and why people are so comfortable with him. Maybe it comes from his years as a Franciscan friar, the years working with the poor or working with abused youth?  If you ask Kim, she would say it is in his DNA.  This is why John is the "Heart" of this team.

On the other hand, Kim looks to science to discover the technical aspect to our physiology to understand how our bodies work in relation to emotions and the mind. She has the ability to take complicated subjects and make them easy to understand, relatable. If you ask John, he would say Kim takes scientific concepts and gives them life. This is why Kim is the "Mind" of this team.

Together they are HeartMind-ify


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