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Meet John

April 24, 2020


My life has always been dedicated to helping others. No matter the situation I’m in, people feel comfortable talking and sharing with me. I often hear that talking with me is a judge free zone and that I respect where people are in life. Over the years, I’ve been known to guide people to become more introspective and understand why they do the things they do. What experiences in life have impacted them and have left them stuck, unable to find the courage to develop better communication skills and make lasting changes. When we understand what makes us tick, we develop a better understanding of who we are and begin a journey to discover our best self.  This leads to change without the fear of changing, and a life lived through compassion.
For ten years, before entering the corporate world, I was a Capuchin Franciscan. Living as a Franciscan was introspective and life changing.  I spent a considerable amount of time in prayer and meditation.   An intensive undergraduate and graduate program in the fields of religion, philosophy, communication, and pastoral counseling gave me the tools to understand and accept where people are in life without judgment. 
Over the years, I realized that life isn’t linear, and moving forward is not the same as moving on. I worked with patients in an acute psychiatric facility, with the homeless in our inner-city streets, and teenagers living their life through prostitution.  Living this way gave me a deeper understanding of how so many of us live in the margins of society where compassion is forgotten, and surviving is a daily struggle. Working at an AIDS Hospice and teaching grade school allowed me to instill hope in our inner-city youth and to love those who have no one to hug.  
I am a personal growth coach. I offer my clients a platform to break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life.  I also provide spiritual guidance, guided meditation, and online webinars, bringing my clients on a journey where they can live a balanced life through compassion. I am an active member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, where we work with abused children by providing them a safer environment from further abuse.  


Why this podcast?  I believe wholeheartedly that if we teach our heart and mind to sign together - then you'll hear the sound of your soul. It's when the heart and mind come together that we discover our best self and in return, share that self with the world.

Over the years, Kim and I have walked with out clients via personal coaching sessions or online webinars in helping them develop a practical method for taking action in a strategic way in order to get things done so their needs are fulfilled, elevated, and balanced. Together, we are joining forces to bring years of experience and provide a platform for growth in order to give back to the larger community.


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